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Flavor Burst Programs

Why Flavor Burst?

Flavor Burst and Flavor Blend establishes a point of difference from all competitors when combined with your Taylor Soft Serve freezer. A branded Flavor Burst or Flavor Blend program can make your business complete with a full marketing program helping your team increase Soft Serve sales and profits, leaving your customers coming back for more!

With over 8 different flavors available and combinable flavors, Flavor Burst and Flavor Blend adds over 40 different and unique flavors to your existing offerings. Contact us for more information and our a personalized demonstration and solution that meets your financial goals.

  • Flavor a variety of base products, such as ice-cream, yogurt, chocolate ice-cream, and even some custards
  • Concentrated syrups are stored in 1-gallon ready-to-install bags, have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration
  • The sanitizer tank allows for simple clean-in-place sanitation of the spout, syrup lines, pumps, and bag connectors

Flavorburst Profit Calculator

Bring some color and flavor into your customers' lives! Check out the simple calculator below and see how you can deliver a soft serve bursting with custom flavors and increase your profits when you partner with Taylor Products' and Flavorburst!

Examples of Flavor Burst & Flavor Blend

Flavor Burst

w/ Model C708

Flavor Blend

w/ Model C708

Flavor Burst Frozen Beverage Programs

Java Latte

Shake Break

Nice Ice